A Place to Learn More about Your Pet

Animals are an important part of life.  When we welcome pets into our family then they become more than important, they also become special.  We care for them and tend to their needs.  We open our hearts to them to experience the joy and love they have to share with us and return that love back to them.  We here at the Guardians for Animals Pet Expo are committed to helping an animal in need.  Whether that creature requires medical assistance, food, or shelter, we are dedicated to providing that service to them.  Plus, we want to bring exposure to services and efforts so that others may volunteer and even join us in our efforts to help animals in need.

We aren’t prejudice either.  We enjoy, love and care for dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, turtles, birds, and all creatures big and small.  So stay tuned while we update our site to bring you the best we have to offer.

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